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Alhurra Turns Nine, Claims Editorial Progress, Larger Audience

Adam Clayton Powell III / CPD Blog

The network’s diet of news programming for audiences in the Middle East was widely criticized as editorially weak, lacking credibility and – with its programming originating from studios in northern Virginia – disconnected from people in the Arab world.


State Department Official Speaks on Public Diplomacy Efforts in the Middle East

Widener Law

“We try to communicate American values and we try to support democracy,” said Mario Crifo as he spoke to an audience of students, faculty, and staff on Widener Law’s Delaware campus.


Obama’s Visit to Israel Gets Name and Logo

Batsheva Sobelman / LA Times

In what seems to be a first attempt at official government branding, Israel has named Obama’s visit “Unshakable Alliance.”


How Does Cultural Diplomacy Communicate? Let Me Count The Ways

Mary Jeffers / Take Five Blog

Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Tara Sonenshine, who delivered the annual Walter Roberts Lecture at George Washington University last Thursday, comes from a serious press and media background.


A Diverse and Socially Inclusive America Needs to Share its Story

Tara Sonenshine / DipNote Blog

Diversity is our strength, and everyone, including persons with disabilities, has important contributions to make.


Time to Build Chinese-style Public Diplomacy

Wang Yiwei / Global Times
Amid growing global unease at China’s rise, the role of public diplomacy is becoming more important. How is China’s public diplomacy developing?


Why Public Diplomacy Should Love the Advisory Commission

Brian Carlson / Public Diplomacy Council

So, here we are at Valentine’s Day, 42 days since the NDAA was signed into law by the President.


The State of America’s Voice

David Ensor / Inside VOA

In a time honored tradition, the President of the United States today delivers a State of the Union address to Congress. It is an opportunity to take stock of where we are, and where we are going. Taking advantage of the news peg, here is a look at how the Voice of America is doing and some of our plans for 2013.


Public Diplomacy Mission

Ding Ying / Beijing Review

China feels the need to urgently make up for lost time in a field it is unfamiliar with—public diplomacy.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

The State of the Beacon

Matthew Wallin

While much of President Obama’s State of the Union Address focused on issues at home, he did take a moment to explore the importance of the American message.


Lost In Translation: The Power of Listening

Lívia Pontes Fialho

North Korea’s latest, and first “successful” nuclear test, has raised concerns as to the direction of Kim Jong Un’s new government.


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