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ASP Consensus Members LtGen Norm Seip, USAF (Ret.) and BGen Steven Anderson, USA (Ret.) penned an Op-Ed in The Huffington Post entitled, “Ask What You Can Do For Your Country: Combating Climate Threats to Our National Security.” In the article, the retired military officers cover the growing threats from climate change to the U.S. military and to domestic security. They seek to hold a solutions-oriented climate summit, to be followed by implementing action. From the article:

As retired general officers with more than 65 years of combined service, we believe President Obama must lead efforts to tackle runaway climate change. The Department of Defense and many current and former military leaders have warned climate change and its effects will increase economic and political instability worldwide. It will also create hardships and conflicts that threaten our nation’s security. These conflicts will result in preventable deaths of many U.S. soldiers and civilians. We proudly join him in combatting this threat by hosting a solutions-focused climate summit, followed by action-focused planning meetings in U.S. communities nationwide.

The stress will be greatest on those who have dedicated their lives to preserving and protecting freedom and U.S. interests worldwide. The first-ever climate summit and satellite meetings will identify pragmatic solutions to end the political paralysis and so-called scientific “debate” that have prevented action to slow climate change thus far.

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