Center for Strategic Communication

BGen Stephen A. Cheney yesterday attended the formal swearing in of one of ASP’s “founding fathers” and former board member – John Kerry.

General Cheney said:

It was with a great sense of pride, and some regret, that I witnessed Senator John Kerry take the oath of office as Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday afternoon.  Pride in knowing that he founded this great organization that has had great success bridging the partisan gap in this country on national security issues.  Regret in knowing that as a cabinet member, he can no longer serve on the American Security Project’s board of directors.  That said, his quote to me yesterday was that he still feels passionately about ASP and our issues.

There certainly are not many organizations out there that can claim two of their current board members becoming cabinet members – as ASP can with Secretary Kerry, and soon to be Secretary Hagel.   We congratulate them both!