Center for Strategic Communication

ASP Senior Fellow for Energy and Climate Andrew Holland was quoted on Politico this morning in an article about Chuck Hagel’s positions on green energy. The article suggested that Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel has a history of hostility towards clean energy, but Andrew Holland stated that Hagel’s positions are consistent. From the article:

Andrew Holland, a former Hagel energy and climate aide, said Hagel’s work rejecting Kyoto is ideologically consistent with his views on other global issues, including Iran sanctions. “If we don’t do it with everyone else around the world, then it doesn’t work,” Holland said. “It’s this multilateral internationalist mind-set.”

And, on the suggestion that Chuck Hagel supported ineffective legislation to push clean energy, Andrew Holland responded:

“He’s the father of successful ones as well,” Holland said, noting the original intention of Hagel’s amendment was to support the development of new nuclear power plants.

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