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Creative Collaboration: a New Type of Diplomacy

Robert Albro / Public Diplomacy Council

Circumstances have changed around the work of diplomacy. Publics are now much less distant, more assertive, and actively engaged participants in the making of their encompassing cultural worlds. To embrace this new reality likely requires rethinking many of the methods of cultural diplomacy and perhaps its basic goals.


Russia to Embrace Soft Power

Stanislav Budnitskiy / CPD Blog

Just over two decades after Joseph Nye coined the term “soft power”, Russia is set to officially introduce the phrase into its foreign policy vocabulary at the highest echelon.


The Diplomacy of Art

Hillary Clinton / Vanity Fair

In my line of work, we often talk about the art of diplomacy as we try to make people’s lives a little better around the world. But, in fact, art is also a tool of diplomacy.


Catalan Independence and Sub-State Public Diplomacy

Sean Aday / Take Five Blog

Although it hasn’t garnered much attention in the U.S., tensions are high and escalating between the Catalan region of Spain and the national government in Madrid.


Afghan orchestra set to hit the right notes

Jennifer Glasse / Al Jazeera

In a crowded rehearsal room at Afghanistan’s National Institute of Music, the country’s first post-Taliban orchestra is preparing for its international debut.


K-pop craze boosts Korea’s public diplomacy

Shin Hyon-hee / Asian News Network

On a slow Wednesday afternoon, dozens of teenage girls straggled into a public park in Santiago, their T-shirts featuring TVXQ, JYJ, Super Junior and other Korean pop stars.


Announcement of the Open Book Project

Hillary Clinton / U.S. State Department

Harnessing the connective power of technology to give as many people as possible access to the highest-quality learning materials is a good idea whose time has come.


Expats on frontline of Australia’s soft power initiative

Thomas Whittle / NZ Week

With millions of flag-waving Aussies turning out across the country Saturday to celebrate ” Australia Day,” the efforts of the Australian government to craft an identifiable national trademark that moves beyond the “beer and beach” brand have begun to reap international rewards.


Food as Communication: A Case Study of South Korea’s Gastrodiplomacy

Mary Jo Pham / The Diplomatist

Throughout history, food has played a significant role in shaping the world, carving ancient trade routes and awarding economic and political power to those who handled cardamom, sugar, and coffee.


Video: Secretary Clinton’s Global Town Hall Interview

U.S. State Department 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held a Townterview at the Newseum in Washington, DC on January 29, 2013. A “Townterview” is a mix of a town hall and a television interview. The concept was first introduced by the Secretary when she entered office as a way to broaden People to People engagement. This is her 59th town hall and an opportunity to engage with young people around the world in advance of her last day as Secretary of State on Friday, February 1st.


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Public Diplomacy and Foreign Policy in 2013: The View from State

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Thursday, January 31st, 2013

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Public Diplomacy Commission Reopens its Doors

Lívia Pontes Fialho, posted on Jan 23

Nearly a year after failing to win reauthorization from Congress, the U.S Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy has been reauthorized as of January 3rd.


Rising tension in the East China Sea: What will this mean for U.S. diplomacy?

Fiona Cotton, posted on Jan 24

Tensions continue to rise between China and Japan over control of a small group of islands in the East China Sea.