Center for Strategic Communication

Sandra Irwin of National Defense wrote an article on ASP’s new report on “Advanced Biofuels and National Security.” The report details the strategic vulnerability that the U.S. military faces from its dependence on oil and what we can do about it. Advanced biofuels is something that the Department of Defense is investing in, hoping to displace fossil fuels in military fleets. Andrew Holland, author of the report, also covers the various feedstocks needed to produce advanced biofuels. From the National Defense article:

Over the next three years, the Defense Department plans to spend $170 million to support advanced biofuels, with matching amounts from both the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Energy for a total of $510 million in government funding, says Holland. “This investment will take place under the legal authority of the Defense Production Act, which allows the government to directly invest in an industry that is deemed to be important for national security.” Government dollars could be matched with equal or more funding from private investment.

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