Center for Strategic Communication

This week, President Hamid Karzai came to the White House, as did nine newly posted foreign ambassadors and the President held the final news conference of his first term before signing executive orders initiating 23 separate executive actions to prevent gun violence.

Friday, January 11th: 
  • The President hosted President Hamid Karzai and his delegation at the White House to discuss our continued transition in Afghanistan, and the enduring partnership between the our two countries.
  • Friday also marked the 105th anniversary of the designation of the Grand Canyon as a National Monument.
Monday, January 14th:
  • The President invited the White House Press Corps to the East Room for one last news conference, as his first term comes to an end.
  • Then, in the afternoon, nine recently posted foreign Ambassadors arrived at the White House for a traditional ceremony that marks the formal beginning of their tenure in Washington.
Wednesday, January 16th:
  • The President and Vice President unveiled a package of proposals to reduce gun violence as part of the Administration’s response to the Newtown, Conn. Shootings.

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