Center for Strategic Communication

In a piece in the National Journal by James Kitfield, ASP’s COO Paul Hamill was quoted discussing Afghanistan

“I can easily see an Iraq-like deadlock in negotiations develop because the United States is already talking troop levels in a residual force of just a few thousand, which is so low as to prove unsupportable, and Karzai wants almost total control and Afghan ownership going forward because he believes both were unduly surrendered during the ’surge’ of U.S. forces,” said Paul Hamill, a former communications adviser to Karzai who is now chief executive officer of the American Security Project. “The danger is that if no agreement is reached for a substantive residual U.S. force, the U.S. Congress is unlikely to keep providing the resources that Afghanistan desperately needs.”


You can read the full article here.

James Kitfield recently appeared at a wide ranging roundtable at ASP on national security strategy. You can find the report and video here.


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