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BitPay Banks $510K In Investment To Become PayPal for Bitcoin, Already Has 2,100 Businesses On Board

Drew Olanoff/TechCruch

A Bitcoin payment solutions company, BitPay, has received $510,000 in seed capital and has signed up 2,100 vendors for its services.  Lead investors consider BitPay a “market leader” that “feels like it is position to become the equivalent to PayPal for the virtual currency payment processor rival, Bitcoin.”

Analysis: Egypt’s currency crisis hinges on household dollars

Sujata Rao/Reuters

“The key to preventing a messy devaluation of Egypt’s pound may lie with the country’s households, whose dollar holdings are being eyed by foreign investors as a critical gauge of trust in the authorities.”

Report: Iran oil revenues down 45 percent

Ali Akbar Dareini / AP

Iran’s revenues from vital oil and gas exports have dropped by 45 percent because of sanctions over its suspect nuclear program, a senior lawmaker said Monday, a clear admission that sanctions over Iran’s suspect nuclear program are having a severe impact.

As Plutonium hoard grows, so do Japan’s headaches

Mari Yamaguchi / AP

How is an atomic-powered island nation riddled with fault lines supposed to handle its nuclear waste? Part of the answer was supposed to come from this windswept village along the country’s northern coast.

Storm Panel Recommends Major Changes in New York

Matthew L. Wald and Danny Hakim / NY Times

A new commission formed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, charged with figuring out how New York should adapt in the long term to cope with worsening storms amid climate change and population growth, has recommended an extensive menu of programs.

Heat-Resistant Corals Provide Clues to Climate Change Survival

Rob Jordan / Science Daily

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences opens a window into a genetic process that allows some corals to withstand unusually high temperatures and may hold a key to species survival for organisms around the world.

ASP Published Today

DoD’s Biofuels Program

Andrew Holland & Nicholas Cunningham

Over the last five years, the U.S. Department of Defense has begun to create alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. One of the most promising is biofuels. ASP’s factsheet on the “DoD’s Biofuels Program” explains how dependence on oil creates national security risks and the policies being put in place to reduce those risks.

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Shell’s Drilling Rig Towed to Safety

Nicholas Cunningham

Shell Oil’s drilling rig that ran aground last week during rough weather has finally been towed away from the shore. The company insists the latest setback will not affect its drilling plans for 2013, but has raised concerns over the safety of its operations.

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