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The American Security Project is pleased that Congress has preserved the ability for the Department of Defense to develop alternative sources of energy. The U.S. military is the largest consumer of energy in the country and its dependence on fossil fuels presents serious national security risks.

The nascent alternative fuels program promises to break this dependence, providing the military with options while reducing its vulnerability to supply disruptions and price fluctuations.

We applaud Congress’ bipartisan vote in the National Defense Authorization Act to restore DoD’s authority to pursue alternative fuel options.

Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney USMC (Ret.), CEO of the American Security Project said:

The military’s oil dependence presents a strategic risk. It wreaks havoc on the defense budget, constrains our foreign policy, and costs lives. Developing alternative fuel sources is a national security imperative. I applaud Congress’ bipartisan support for DoD’s alternative fuels program, which allows it to move forward.


 You can find more about our DOD Energy work here


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