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Sandra Erwin of National Defense Magazine wrote an article about the latest trip to Asia by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. According to the article, much of the agenda of the trip was dominated by talk of climate change. East and Southeast Asia have been hit hard by major weather events, and the threat to security from climate change is becoming an increasingly hot topic. Erwin cited ASP’s Climate Security Report:

A recent  “Climate Report” by the American Security Project warned that extreme weather events will affect global security. “Because the United States is a global power with strategic interests around the world, climate change is strategically important to the U.S. through the impacts it has on the regional stability of our allies.” Climate-related events, the study said, “will cause an increase in frequency of disaster relief responses by U.S. and allied military forces.” ASP listed specific climate “hot-zones” that national security planners should focus on: Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the East Asia-Pacific, and the Arctic.

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