Center for Strategic Communication

As the United States looks toward the next four years of foreign policy, there are critical issues that the country must grapple with. All of these challenges are also opportunities to push ahead and think of new solutions.

They are not insurmountable.

Looking ahead, we need to realize that the twentieth century is over – the Cold War has ended, China is no longer internationally isolated, there is a complex global economy, technology is advancing at an incredible rate – events are changing faster and faster.

So how can the country face these challenges? It starts with understanding America’s place in the world: our interests, values, and concerns. From there policies become apparent, as do the strategies needed to enact them.

National security is not an issue of the Left or Right. We can best address those issues not as Democrats or Republicans – but as Americans.

Below is an overview of the issues we at the American Security Project believe are critical challenges to our national security. Many overlap at times, and most are interrelated.

From the economy to public diplomacy, nuclear proliferation to intelligence issues, even climate change and energy security – these are complex, critical challenges we need to grapple with in order to prosper.

In the 21st century, American policy will need to be adaptive and forward looking.

We can best secure out future by examining the challenges currently facing the country with an eye toward our long term benefits.







National Security Challenges