Center for Strategic Communication

The American Security Project (ASP) expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Senator Warren Rudman on news of his passing last night.  Senator Rudman was a pillar of leadership while in government service and for years following, and he was a founding father of ASP.

An Army combat veteran of the Korean War, he brought a unique perspective to national security issues at ASP, and was instrumental in encouraging national action on climate change & energy security, international agreements on nuclear weapons, combating terrorism, as well as ensuring that we understand that our economy, debt and competitiveness as key elements of national security.

Among other noteworthy achievements, he was also the co-chair of the Hart-Rudman Commission, which predicted that the United States was vulnerable to a significant terrorist attack – just some 10 months prior to 9/11.  A Republican who was willing to compromise in the interest of our nation’s success, he set a standard for many to follow.

BGen Stephen A. Cheney USMC (Ret.)

CEO, American Security Project