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Neil Bhatiya over at The Century Foundation wrote a blog post on the prospects for addressing climate change in President Obama’s second term. He discusses the constraints that the President faces in Congress and some of the leverage he has through executive power. However, he also notes that while Congress has been slow to address climate change, the Pentagon and the national security establishment realizes climate change is a national security threat that cannot be ignored. In his post, Neil cites ASP’s “Climate Security Report.” From the article:

Climate change hawks will have another, rather unlikely ally in the Department of Defense. The Pentagon is concerned enough about how a warming planet is impacting its overseas posture that many commentators are pointing to climate change as a new national security concern, a view further fleshed out in a new report by the Washington, DC-based think tank The American Security Project (The Climate Security Report). A sustained engagement by the Pentagon on this issue would be crucial, as their procurement and investment decisions could have ripple effects throughout the U.S.’s manufacturing base, pulling entire industries into manufacturing greener products.

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