Center for Strategic Communication

E&E ClimateWire ran a story on ASP’s newly released “Climate Security Report.” This article focused on the security aspect of climate change, and how ASP’s report emphasizes that climate change represents threats that cannot be addressed only through a nation-state military perspective. From the article (subscription only):

Climate change is altering the field of national security, presenting threats that cannot be met by traditional structures of state military defense, according to a new report by the policy group American Security Project.

As the climate warms, it is likely to place stress on food and energy production, water supplies, and public health, according to the report. For a national security policy long focused on the external threats of state and nonstate actors, these nontraditional threats will require nontraditional responses, it says.

“Environmental threats blur traditional notions of national security: Secure states do not automatically mean secure people, and climate change is proving that,” it adds.