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Boxing triumph thrills Afghans
Continuing a series of “sporting triumphs” for Afghanistan, the country held its first professional men’s boxing match, Kabul’s Fight 4 Peace, on Tuesday. Hamid Rahimi, an Afghan-born boxer and the country’s second Olympic medal winner, defeated Tanzania’s Saed Mbelwa.

UN report: Opium cultivation rising in Burma
BBC News – Asia
A report issued by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime has found that opium production has increased in Burma for the sixth consecutive year. In the last year, opium cultivation rose by 17%, primarily in states that “have seen longstanding conflict between the military and ethnic rebel groups.”

‘Heroic’ Iran, ‘resistive’ Syria behind Sandy, pro-Assad group claims
Saad Abedine/ CNN
When it comes to natural disasters, the divide between assumption and reality can be stark. Or downright absurd. Hours after Superstorm Sandy howled its way through the East Coast this week, unleashing a fatal trail of destruction, global reactions included outpouring of sympathy and support.

Superstorm Shines A Light On Power Grid Vulnerabilities
Scott Neuman/NPR
The storm that has spawned so many worst-ever superlatives managed a few more when it comes to electricity, with record-breaking power outages across 18 states stretching from Michigan and Indiana to Maine and North Carolina, according to a Department of Energy assessment.

CNO’s Position Report: 2012
US Navy
Navy leaders are putting the piece in place to expand its missions in the Mideast and Asia-Pacific to counter potential threats in those regions, according to new guidance by issued by Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert.

Scottish Green Energy Target Set at 50% of Demand by 2015
BBC News
A new target to generate the equivalent of half of Scotland’s electricity needs from renewable energy by 2015 has been set by the first minister.

Israeli Defense Chief Says Iran Postponed Nuclear Ambitions
Rick Gladstone/NY Times
Israel’s defense minister said Tuesday that the country had interpreted Iran’s conversion of some enriched uranium to fuel rods for civilian use as evidence that Iran had delayed ambitions to build a nuclear weapon.

U.S., EU hopeful of new Iran nuke talks
USA Today
The U.S. and the European Union said Tuesday they’ll press on with sanctions against Iran, even as they hope the promise of new negotiations could lead to a diplomatic solution ending the nuclear standoff.

Taiwanese will no longer need visas to visit U.S.
Cindy Chang/LA Times
Taiwan will join countries such as France and Germany in a visa waiver program that the U.S. government reserves for nationalities that it deems pose little security threat and that are not major sources of illegal immigration.

ASP Report

Critical Energy Choices for the Next Administration
ASP’s report, “Critical Energy Choices for the Next Administration” takes an in-depth look at the serious issues the next administration will need to address.

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Wallin : On the Need for Long-Term Strategic Thinking in the Middle East
Policy makers would be wise to carefully note that the situation in Syria and other affected countries is incredibly precarious. Decisions should not be made on a short term basis. Rather, the long term consequences of America’s decisions regarding these countries must be considered. What are our long term goals? Might a short term gain lead to a long term loss?

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Cunningham: Sandy One Example of Consequences of Climate Change
The devastation by Hurricane Sandy was made worse by climate change. These events are likely to become more frequent and severe.

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