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New report examines policy options to address current nuclear threats

The American Security Project released a new report analyzing the nuclear threats that the next administration will face and presenting smart policy options to address those threats.

Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Ret.), CEO of the American Security Project, said: “The next administration will face several critical choices on several nuclear security issues, from Iran’s nuclear program to the future of the U.S. nuclear force.”

He continued, “It is crucial that any administration look at these challenges through a strategic lens, unclouded by partisan rhetoric.

Lieutenant General Dirk Jameson, Consensus member, said: “As former Deputy Commander in Chief of U.S. Strategic Command, I and other military leaders know the 21st Century world requires new strategies that build on real progress in addressing nuclear danger.   

He continued: “We must use all levers of national security in developing strategic, nonpartisan solutions to today’s nuclear challenges.

Terri Lodge, Director of Nuclear Security at the American Security Project, said, “Nuclear challenges affect all of us, Republicans as well as Democrats. The next administration, as well as the Congress, should work together to resolve the critical nuclear security issues facing the country.

Read the full report here.