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17 September 2012

Multiple personalities of the Muslim rage

Brian Murphy / AP

At the height of the latest Islamic rage, one of the Muslim world’s first media-celebrity imams told worshippers they were indeed witnessing a clash of civilizations. Just not the kind you think.

Why It Matters: Iran

Bradley Klapper / Associated Press

With the Iraq war over and Afghanistan winding down, Iran is the most likely place for a new U.S. military conflict. Despite unprecedented global penalties, Iran’s nuclear program is advancing.

For EADS-BAE Deal to Succeed, Congress Is Crucial

August Cole / Businessweek

There is no such thing as a merger of equals, particularly with a deal this big. EADS and BAE executives should keep in mind AOL’s deal for Time Warner in 2000, the same year EADS was formed.

U.N. expand list of Syrian war crimes suspects

Stephanie Nebehay and Tom Miles / Reuters

A group of UN human rights investigators, led by Paulo Pinheiro, have compiled a new list of individuals and military units in Syria believed to have committed war crimes, and are encouraging the UN Security Council to further involve the International Criminal Court in the Syrian crisis.

Using a Fusion Fission Hybrid Reactor to Burn Nuclear Waste

Al Fin /

In the aftermath of the Fukushima meltdown, widespread superstition and primal fear regarding nuclear energy has gripped the hearts and minds of politicians, pundits, and faux environmentalists across the planet.

Nuclear Fusion – your time has come

Jeff Forshaw / The Observer

Harnessing nuclear fusion to create cheap, safe and sustainable energy used to be a futuristic joke. But its day is almost upon us.

Obama to file trade complaint against China over cars

BBC News Business

There are reports that President Obama will file a trade complaint alleging that China is “illegally subsidizing [sic] exports of cars and car parts.”  Following the reports of the complaint, China has requested negotiations with the US over import duties.

Mobile phone carrier MTN says its fiber lines were cut in northeast Nigeria during tower attacks

Associated Press/Washington Post

Nigeria’s dominant mobile phone carrier, MTN Group Ltd., says that attacks on telecommunication infrastructure in the northeast of the country have “disrupted “the lives of millions.” Since September 5th, Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for such attacks, though it has not yet claimed to be behind the most recent one.

Oman Jails a Blogger for Slander Over Writings: Agency

Reuters / New York Times

An Omani court sentenced a blogger to one year in jail for slander over writings against the government, state news agency ONA said on Sunday, extending a crackdown on dissent in the Gulf Arab state.

On Our Flashpoint Blog

Is Humanitarianism an Enduring Tool for Public Diplomacy?

William Chodkowski

The DoD is exploring options to win the “hearts and minds” of foreign populations, including public diplomacy through humanitarian aid. How effective is this strategy, and how can it be adjusted for improved public relations abroad?

House Committee Eyes Energy Independence

Nicholas Cunningham

Inspired by the success of the oil and gas industry in the past few years in producing more hydrocarbons, many energy analysts and policymakers predict that the U.S. could become “energy independent” by 2020.

International Unity on Iran

Derek Bolton

The IAEA Board of Governors resolution GOV/2012/48 has sent one clear and important message, the international community is still committed-and united in their attempts- to diplomatically address Iran’s nuclear program.

The U.S. Finally Blacklists an Afghan Terrorist Group

Joshua Foust

Last week, the U.S. government added the Haqqani Network, a violent insurgent group operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to its official list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. While some analysts have questioned the move, it is a smart decision that will pay serious dividends for U.S. security.

Startup Company Hopes to do Fusion Energy Cheaper and Faster

Nicholas Cunningham

Fusion energy is often dismissed as a technology that is always “20 years away.” However, one small company, backed by venture capital, hopes to make fusion energy a reality in much shorter time frame, at a fraction of the cost.



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