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via Office of the Navy

On September 8th, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus authored an op-ed touting the success of the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) in the U-T San Diego News.

While the piece does not discuss any new policy concerning the Navy’s alternative fuels plan, it does reaffirm his commitment to adapting the Navy to satisfy half of its energy needs through alternative fuels by 2020.

In the piece Secretary Mabus acknowledges that adapting the Navy, as well as the cost of alternative fuels, will be expensive and take time. However, he hopes increased initiative will make bio fuel cost-competitive with petroleum by 2016, ahead of the 2020 target year.

He further contends that this is an opportunity to take the lead in fostering the growth of the alternative fuels industry.


For further information on bio fuels and national security read the American Security Project Fact Sheet.