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[by J. Scott Shipman]
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A modified note from Stan Coerr:

To All-

We are looking forward to seeing everyone a month from now, on the morning of 12 October 2012 in Quantico.

IF YOU ARE A SPEAKER:  I need a positive response from you that your time allotted, subject and day are correct.  If you need us to move you, let me know.

Coordinating instructions:

1.  Dress code Casual.

Officers:  you do not need to wear a uniform.  There will be people there in blue jeans.

2.  Location

We are going to be in two different places on the two days we are there.

On Friday, the first day, we will meet at 7:30 am in the Command and Staff College building, right next to the Gray Research Center. You should have no trouble at the gate.

To stay overnight:  Crossroads Inn is a hotel on the base, less than a mile from the venues.  It is at 3018 Russell Rd, Quantico, VA 22134 Phone  (703)630-4444

On Saturday, we will meet at 8:00 am at the Expeditionary Warfare School, also on the base in Quantico.  We will give those directions on Friday.

3.  Food

We are looking for volunteers for food and drink.  Coffee, water and snacks are most welcome. Please contact me and Scott Shipman if you are able to help. [Note: Scott Shipman is bringing coffee. Someone volunteered for water and bagels, but I misplaced the note—drop me a comment/email to close the loop.]

4.  Tempo

We are cramming in a lot of information and a lot of presentations…and a lot of people. I know that the math does not add up on our schedule; people can contract or expand as needed. It is my intent that we will eat right there in the room, both days, and take breaks right there as well.

5.  Next

It is my intent that we will start doing this twice a year. I am planning to start a Boyd and Beyond 2013 conference in Silicon Valley / Monterey / Palo Alto area next spring, IN ADDITION TO our usual October event in Quantico.  I am convinced that people there will be intrigued by our group and will want to participate. I have started talking to people about how, and where, to do this.  If you have ideas, bring them and we will discuss.

Scott and I look forward to seeing everyone in a month!


Stan Coerr

Boyd and Beyond 2012 Friday 12 October

0730-0815 Stan Coerr intro

Dr. Terry  Barnhart :  Ten-minute teaching modules  throughout conference

0815-0945 Present at the Creation

Chet Richards: Closing the OODA Loop: Boyd, the Conceptual Spiral, and the Meaning of Life (60 min)

Greg Wilcox: Boyd’s: People, Ideas, and Things, In That Order (30 min)

Dr. Terry Barnhart : Ten-Minute Teaching Modules throughout conference


1000-1200 The Rise of the Marines

Brigadier General Stacy Clardy USMC: John Boyd, Quantico and Marine Corps Enlightenment (60 min)


Captain Paul Tremblay USMC: Boyd and Bravo Company: Tempo in Ground Combat (60 min)

Terry for Ten

1215 Lunch brought in

Terry for Ten

1245-1345 Boyd and the Real World

Katya Drozdova: Afghanistan, Force and Tempo (30 min)
Marshall Wallace: NGO Team Decision Cycles in Crisis: Boyd in Action (30 min)

Terry for Ten

1345-ENDEX Holding the Grail

Mike Miller: The Boyd Archives: Lecture and Tour Round-Robin

To archives: small groups, 30 minutes each

Concurrent in classroom: Case Method Instructors (Bruce Gudmundsson/Damien O’Connell).

GI Wilson: How it Happened

Boyd and Beyond 2012 Saturday 13 October

Terry for Ten

0800-1030 Boyd and the Brain

Venkatesh Rao: What does “inside the Tempo” Mean? (60 min)
Critt Jarvis: Ecolate OODA (30 min)
Michael Moore: WinBowl II (60 min)

1030-1300 Boyd in Battle : Insurgency

Pete Turner: Human Terrain Systems and COIN (30 min)
Tom Hayden: Boyd and COIN (60 min)
Mike Grice: The Second O: The Effect of COIN on Orientation (30 min)

Adam Elkus: OODA and Robotic Weapons (30 min)

Terry for Ten

1300-1500 Boyd and Business

Jake Wood and William McNulty: Boyd and Bureaucracy: Starting Rubicon (30 min)
David Diehl: Boyd in the Cyber Conflict Domain (30 min)
Mike Grice & Jonathan Brown: Boyd Cycle in High-Pressure Business (30 min)
Chris Cox: Boyd and Politics (30 min)

Ten for Terry

1515-1545 Boyd and Beyond IV Silicon Valley Spring 2013

Stan Coerr: Next Steps

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