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Filling a void in Afghan government

Mitchell Shivers / The Hill

If it’s not the “perfect storm” developing in Afghanistan, with the ministers of Defense and Interior simultaneously departing their posts after failing to secure confidence votes in their national parliament, and, separately, the minister of Finance, under the cloud of corruption charges leveled at him by credible figures, it is certainly a nasty witches brew.

7 American Troops Die in Afghan Helicopter Crash

Kay Johnson and Heidi Vogt / AP

Seven American troops and four Afghans died in a Black Hawk helicopter crash on Thursday in southern Afghanistan, the NATO military coalition said. The Taliban claimed their fighters shot down the aircraft.

Iraq blasts, shootings kill 18, wound scores


A series of attacks throughout Iraq have killed at least 21 people and wounded many more.  While it remains unclear who is responsible for the attacks, local Al-Qaeda affiliate the Islamic State of Iraq has been behind several attacks in recent month.

Ecuador Grants Asylum to Wikileaks’ Assange

Raphael Satter and Gonzalo Solano / AP

Ecuador on Thursday granted political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a decision that thrilled supporters but did not defuse the standoff at the Latin American nation’s London embassy, where he has been holed up for almost two months.

Assad’s feared brother lost leg in bomb attack: sources

Dominic Evans / Reuters

President Bashar al-Assad’s feared brother Maher lost a leg in a bomb attack on the Syrian leader’s security cabinet a month ago, sources said on Thursday, in a severe blow to one of the main military commanders fighting a 17-month-old insurgency.

Jet on U.S.-Russia flight lands in Iceland after bomb threat

Steve Gutterman / Reuters

A Russian jet carrying more than 250 people from New York to Moscow made an emergency landing in Iceland on Thursday after an anonymous caller told authorities that bags on board were filled with explosives, Aeroflot and security officials said.

Peres says Israel can’t go it alone in Iran, trusts Obama

Jeffrey Heller / Reuters

Israeli President Shimon Peres on Thursday came out against any go-it-alone Israeli attack on Iran, saying he trusted U.S. President Barack Obama’s pledge to prevent Tehran from producing nuclear weapons.

Somalia: Next stop Kismayo


As African Union troops and cooperating defense forces prepare an assault Al-Shabab in the port city of Kismayo, there are growing concerns for civilian casualties and the lack of access by humanitarian organizations.


ASP Published Today:

The Strategic Context of Lethal Drones: A framework for discussion

Joshua Foust and Ashley S. Boyle

This American Security Project report creates a framework for discussing America’s use of lethal drone strikes in a strategic context. This paper presents a factual, apolitical discussion about drone programs and their role in US counterterrorism strategy.

Fact Sheet: Contextualizing the Drones Debate

Ashley S. Boyle

The American Security Project has compiled this fact sheet to provide basic information on US drone technology, programs, and strategic considerations with the goal of fostering an informed, apolitical discussion of US drone policy.


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Gas Prices Rising

Nicholas Cunningham

Gasoline prices are heading back up, and are expected to remain elevated throughout the rest of the year. This will make 2012 the most expensive year for gasoline ever.

Long-term National Energy Policy Still Needed

Nicholas Cunningham

Oil and gas production is up dramatically. But, we should not grow complacent. Long-term energy policy planning is needed.

Military Leaders Urge Caution on Iran

Mary Kaszynski

Amid growing talk of war, U.S. military leaders are pushing back against calls for military action against Iran.



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