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Regional visions for Afghanistan’s future

Joshua Foust / PBS

How can the U.S. can help or hinder Afghanistan’s transition to full sovereignty? It’s hard work, but moving past a reliance on bilateral deals to considering regions in a broader context is one way the U.S. can avoid the tunnel vision that often cripples its diplomatic ambitions

The Arctic: Last energy frontier?

Andrew Holland / Robert Gardner

Our competitiveness in global energy markets will be increasingly determined by how well the U.S. economy uses its technological lead to transition toward alternative fuel sources. Still, with so much oil at stake in the Arctic, getting policy right in the Arctic is critical to our energy future.

Seeking The Edge: Getting A Handle On Game-Changing Technologies In The National Security Community

August Cole / Small Wars Journal

Getting a handle on the advanced technologies that will cause the rules of everything from urban warfare to gender roles is one of the most underappreciated, yet critical, challenges faced by the U.S. national security community.

Nuclear Power Garners Bipartisan Support

Christine Todd Whitman / National Journal

As America refocuses on cleaner energy policies that help boost our economy, nuclear power is becoming a clear and critical part of a secure, sustainable energy portfolio. It’s a source of power that leaders on both sides of the aisle can support.

Netanyahu picks new security minister as Iran strike debated


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has chosen Avraham Dichter as the country’s new civil defense minister.  In the past, Dichter has expressed a preference that Israel not act alone against Iran.

Report: Navy SEALs to Hunt Cartel Kingpin Like Bin Laden

Robert Beckhusen/Danger Room in Wired

There are reports from Mexico that the Pentagon plans to send Navy SEALs to hunt the Sinaloa Cartel kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, in a plan drawing on that used in the raid on Osama bin Laden.

Investors Prepare for Euro Collapse

Martin Hesse / Spiegel Online

Banks, companies and investors are preparing themselves for a collapse of the euro. Cross-border bank lending is falling, asset managers are shunning Europe and money is flowing into German real estate and bonds.


ASP Published Today:

FACT SHEET: Arctic Climate and Energy

Robert Gardner

The Arctic Climate and Energy Fact Sheet summarizes key developments in the Arctic, and discusses all aspects of Arctic energy development. It intends to broaden and enhance the cost benefit analysis of future energy production in the Arctic.

Offshore Oil Drilling in the Arctic

Nicholas Cunningham

This paper evaluates several reasons why the rush by oil companies into the Arctic should be considered more closely. Harsh drilling conditions, unproven oil spill response, inadequate science, and fragile ecosystems pose real reasons for caution.


On Our Flashpoint Blog

All is not lost for LOTS

Lauren Haigler

The Law of the Sea Treaty is not dead, as some have said. Its merits & broad, bipartisan support will get it passed after the election.

What Can the U.S. Do in the South China Sea?

Nicholas Cunningham

China appears increasingly strident in its foreign policy, unilaterally moving to assert control in the South China Sea. There are several actions the U.S. should take to ensure these disputes are resolved diplomatically.

BBC Future article on ITER: The quest to recreate the Sun’s power on Earth

Nicholas Cunningham

The next major hurdle for fusion energy research is to demonstrate the ability to produce net gain (produce more power than is put in). An internationally-backed facility is under construction in the south of France to do just that.


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