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Time to Think Strategically about America’s Message

Matthew Wallin/The Hill

In the midst of the London Olympics, currently the world’s biggest public diplomacy extravaganza, American athletes have performed phenomenally well. These athletes—diplomats in their own right—have set standards towards which people around the world aspire.

UN chief urges sanctions on Mali rebels

Al Jazeera           

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for the UN Security Council to enact sanctions against individuals linked to radical Islamist groups in Mali’s northern region.

Firm formerly called Blackwater settles US arms case

BBC News – US & Canada

Academi LLC, a firm operating as Blackwater during the time it held US security contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, has agreed to pay a $7.5 million fine to settle 17 violations of “illegal possession of arms and unauthorized sales of training and equipment abroad.”

Air Force, Navy Seek Cooperation Developing Battle Hardened Drones

Stew Magnuson/National Defense Magazine

After more than a decade of flying unmanned aerial vehicles in permissive environments, both the Air Force and Navy acknowledge that it won’t always be this way. Future UAVs may have to dodge surface-to-air missiles, jet fighters and fend off attempts to jam their GPS and communication links.

Afghan finance minister breaks down in tears as he denies corruption

Emma Graham-Harrison/The Guardian

Diplomats filing into the conference room at Afghanistan‘s finance ministry had expected a bland update on accountability targets from the finance minister.

Egypt troops move into Israel border zone

Tamim Elyan/Reuters

Gunman fired shots towards a police station in the main administrative centre of Egypt’s North Sinai on Thursday, underscoring lawlessness in the desert region bordering Israel as a Egyptian military offensive there entered its second day.

Russia’s Medvedev hints of Chinese threat to Far East

Thomas Grove/Reuters

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday issued a veiled warning about China’s rising influence in Russia’s resource-rich Far East, saying it was essential to defend the area against “excessive expansion by bordering states”.

ASP Report:  FACT SHEET: Fact Sheet U.S.C. Title 10, Title 22, and Title 50


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U.S.C. Title 10, Chapter 20, and the Militarization of Humanitarian Aid

Ashley Boyle

Understanding Title 10 and the debate on the militarization of aid is fundamental to the US’ ability to develop an approach that blends the planning and logistics abilities of its Armed Forces with the skills and knowledge of aid workers.

Is Space-Based Solar Power realistic?

Nicholas Cunningha

A new article in Strategic Studies Quarterly makes the case for space-based solar power – energy that could be beamed to anywhere on Earth. But is it realistic?

Senator Lugar on Securing Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Mary Kaszynski

As events unfold, the U.S. and allies are eying Syria’s chemical and biological weapons stockpile with concern. Syria insists that the weapons are secure and that they “will never be used unless Syria is

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