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No imminent threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, experts say

Carol J. Williams/Los Angeles Times

Nonproliferation experts and Middle East analysts are skeptical of Israeli claims that the Tehran regime is so close to building a nuclear weapon that time is running out for a peaceful resolution of the decades-long standoff.

Major Win for Biofuels Industry in Senate Finance Committee Mark-Up

PR Newswire/U.S. Politics Today

Today, the Senate Finance Committee marked up the Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012, which included key energy efficiency and biofuels tax credit provisions.

Russia Sends Warships to Syria, Officials Say

Ellen Barry and Alan Cowell/New York Times

Unnamed Russian defense officials told news agencies on Friday that three warships, with 360 marines aboard, have been deployed to the Syrian port of Tartus and will arrive within several days.

North Korea more relaxed on aid access: UN

Emma Farge Tom Miles/ Reuters  

Access to North Korea has improved during recent flooding, U.N. agencies said on Friday, suggesting the country is seeking to ease its traditional isolation at least temporarily.

China Slams Clinton Over Africa Involvement

Voice of America

Chinese state media are lashing out at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she warned African leaders against cooperating with nations who want to exploit the continent’s resources.

Trade and Climate Change: Handle with Care

Otaviano Canuto/ The World Bank
Increasing volumes of international trade can spur both increases and decreases in a nation’s greenhouse gas emissions depending on several economic factors. To avoid relocating emission sources and effectively bring down global emissions, a cap-and-trade system is the best option. 

Senate Panel Funds Ships, Drones Military Doesn’t Want

Spencer Ackerman/Danger Room in Wired

As the Pentagon’s budget faces cuts for the first time in over a decade, the military is trying to save funds by limiting purchases of high-price hardware.  Yesterday, a Senate panel voted to fund the very items the military no longer wants.

Russia Sends Warships to Syria, Officials Say

Ellen Barry and Alan Cowell/The New York Times

Russian defense officials have informed news agencies that three unarmed warships with 360 marines have been dispatched to Tartus in Syria.  The ships are expected to remain in Syria for several days to deliver food and water to Russia’s naval base before returning to Novorossiysk.


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Nuclear Budget Cuts: an Easy Choice

Mary Kaszynski

Respected military leaders, policymakers on both sides of the aisle, and the American public supports trimming the nuclear budget. It’s an easy choice and a smart choice.

US Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue speaks at ASP

Lauren Haigler

US Chamber President Tom Donohue spoke at ASP on American competitiveness, Law of the Sea Treaty, and the link between economic strength & national security.

Has the DOE Loan Program Been a Failure?

Robert Gardner

“Solyndra is an anecdotal piece of a much larger loan guarantee program that has been successful at stimulating market growth but has not delivered large job growth”

Learning from Crisis Response in Kyrgyzstan

Joshua Foust

A story about civil military relations reveals a surprising insight into crisis response.




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