Center for Strategic Communication

by Chris Lundry

In a blog post last month, I noted how the Taliban have been inflating their counts of American casualties to a ridiculous degree. This month it approaches comedy.

Artist’s conception of ar Rahmah logo

As reported by Indonesian extremist site ar Rahmah, in the period May 24 to June 23, the Taliban killed 1384 “Crusader” troops and wounded 662.

As reported by icasualties, there were 45 and 39 coalition deaths in the months of May and June. If we average the two (I know, not precise) we get 42 deaths. The Taliban’s estimate is 33 times what icasualties reported.

The al Farooq operations are effective indeed! Or at least that’s what the Taliban want their supporters and potential supporters to believe. But do they?

In the comments section, people rationalized that these figures are not reported on TV because the broadcasters are afraid of Americans, not Allah. That said, there also appears to be some dissent in the ranks. One commenter, Rusli Harahap, expresses doubt:

Mudah-mudahan angka-angka itu benar…tidak asal dibuat saja…..Katakanlah yang benar itu benar dan jangan berdusta….

Hopefully those figures are correct… And not simply made up… Speak the true one as truth and don’t lie.

One has to wonder just how incredible these figures will have to become before other readers realize they are lies and begin to openly question them.