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ASP CEO BGen. Stephen Cheney USMC (Ret.) and Andrew Holland, Senior Fellow on Energy and Climate, were quoted in The Hill on the liquid fuel alternatives for the U.S. military. Both Gen. Cheney and Andrew Holland attended a White House meeting last week for a “Pep talk” on biofuels. At a separate event at the Senate Hart Office Building, Gen. Cheney spoke about the importance of biofuels to providing the military with fuel options. From the article:

Though the Pentagon, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, has said the Armed Forces need biofuels for energy security, lawmakers have made it more difficult for the DOD to procure biofuels.

“When they cut it out of the NDAA (defense authorization bill), that caught people’s attention,” Cheney said of biofuels in an interview with The Hill after the event. “It was kind of like saying, ‘Well, we don’t care about this anymore.’ And we do.”

Also, Andrew Holland addressed the question of using natural gas for military vehicles. From the article:

Andrew Holland, senior fellow for energy and climate at the American Security Project, said ex-military at the White House meeting said natural gas was not a serious option for the military.

“Natural gas may make it seem like we can take our eye off the ball, but the message was that they are different things,” he said.

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