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Rep. Adam Smith Comes to ASP

Joshua Foust

The American Security Project hosted Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), who spoke about US interests in Africa and AFRICOM. Rep. Smith said we need to look at Africa as an opportunity, not a crisis: it is a place where a unique government agency, AFRICOM, is trying to work holistically to build institutions and create stability.

Psychologically battered, Syrian soldiers abandon Assad

Khaled Yacoub Oweis / Reuters

As one of the Sunni Muslim soldiers who form the bulk of the Syrian army, Lieutenant Adnan Suleibi kept being pushed to the front of units fighting in the rebellious city of Homs.

China, U.S. seek to calm South China Sea tensions

Arshad Mohammed and Martin Petty / Reuters

The United States and China signaled a willingness on Thursday to work together on “sensitive issues” in a move to cool tensions between rival claimants to the potentially oil-rich and increasingly militarized South China Sea.

Exiled Rwandan says Kagame hunted him, others

Associated Press

A prominent Rwandan exile who was shot in South Africa alleges his president was behind a plot to kill him, and that the leader has tried to kill other dissidents around the world.

Senate Likely to Punt on Approps Bills Until After Nov.

Dan Friedman / National Journal

This week, Senate Democrats are acknowledging they will probably not pass any of the annual spending measures before the November elections.

N. Korea: Nuclear Weapons Needed to Counter U.S. Threat

Agence France-Presse / Defense News

North Korea on July 12 insisted it needs atomic weaponry to deter a U.S. nuclear threat, and vowed never to give up its right to launch rockets as part of what it called a peaceful space program.

Khamenei is lying about nuclear programme, says former Revolutionary Guards general

Saeed Kamali Dehghan / The Guardian

A former general of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards has accused the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, of having blood on his hands over the brutal crackdown on the country’s opposition, and described government claims that its nuclear programme is entirely peaceful as a “sheer lie”.

Putin Government Headed for Crisis Says Report

Wall Street Journal

Popular support for Vladimir Putin’s government continues to erode and Russia could see a full-blown political crisis before he finishes his six-year presidential term, says an influential Moscow think tank.

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Support Biofuels Now Or Pay The Price Later

Brig. General John Adams USA (Retired)

Despite the recent buildup, neither increased domestic oil production nor the building of oil pipelines south from Canada will result in energy independence or low fuel prices in the long term.

“De-conventionalized” oil: What does this mean for future energy policy?

Matthew Baker

The oil industry is experiencing a revolution that will “de-conventionalize” oil. So what does virtually unlimited amounts of oil mean for our future energy policy?

Market Misconceptions and Alternative Fuels’ National Security Role

Carl Grote

A House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing revealed an unsure place for alternative fuels in the transportation sector leaving much room for further debate.

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