Center for Strategic Communication

ASP Senior Fellow on Energy and Climate Security Andrew Holland was quoted in Ethanol & Biofuels News on June 27, responding to the findings presented in a series of RAND Corp. reports. The article also discussed the security threat surrounding the DoD’s reliance on oil and the importance of biofuels. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“The security threat [to the U.S.] isn’t simply we use a lot of oil,” Andrew Holland, energy expert with the American Security Project (ASP), a non-partisan think tank based in Washington, D.C., told EBN.
“The security threat is because we use a lot of oil we are vulnerable to price spikes,” he said. “If biofuels can just kind of cut off the top of those price spikes…act as sort of a leveler of [oil] prices, then that should be good enough at the start at least in the medium term. That’s the goal of the Department of Defense – to have [biofuels] act not as a whole-scale replacement but something that can act as a hedge against what we know to be an extremely volatile

“For the military, [biofuel adoption] isn’t about being green. It’s about mission effectiveness and national security.”

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