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[ by Charles Cameron — is that a Jefferson reference in Morsi’s speech? ]

Can someone tell me whether that phrase in Morsi‘s speech about those who “who watered the tree of freedom with their blood” is a decent translation of Morsi’s own text, or a transposition into a well-known western metaphor? Because if that’s word for word what Morsi said, we’re either looking at something pretty archetypal and universal, or it’s a subtle shout out to Thomas Jefferson and the US…

Coincidence? Contrivance?

I’m asking because I notice, but don’t know.

FWIW, Morsi got his doctorate at USC and taught for a while at Cal State, Northridge…


I don’t do transliteration, btw — I usually use whatever the person I’m quoting uses: Juan Cole has Mursi, Borzou Daragahi has Morsi, and Allah knows best.