Center for Strategic Communication

by Steven R. Corman

I pass on, for your viewing enjoyment, a segment from the PBS Newshour about a perky, Chinese speaking, twenty-something Voice of America employee named Jessica Beinecke.  She is becoming something of a sensation in China by teaching American slang to people there via internet video.  Her program, called OMG! Meiyu, uses social media not only to distribute her shows, but to get viewers involved in selection of the slang to be covered in upcoming segments.  It’s a great example of how technology changes not only what we think of as public diplomacy, but innovative ways in which it can be delivered.

UPDATE February 12

Some of my colleagues asked why I used “boogers” in the title of the blog, when the video says nothing about this.  The actual PBS Newshour segment (which I wrongly assumed the video below displayed) had a clip from an OMG! Meiyu about “stuff that comes out of your face” (see it here) including boogers.  Sorry for the confusion.