Center for Strategic Communication

by Steven R. Corman

Those whacky Palestinian Children’s TV programmers are at it again.

First, they brought you story time with Sheikh Muhammad, telling the kids about a Jewish woman who tried to poison the Prophet.

Next they created Farfour  the Mouse (a cheap imitation of Mickey) who squeaked about liberating the Muslim lands from the murderers.  He was finally martyred when he was  beaten to death by an Israeli agent in his final show.

Then they produced a puppet show in which the (real live) child protagonist turns the White House into a mosque then stabs a puppet of Bush repeatedly, saying in the end, with satisfaction: “Ahhh, I killed him.”

Today Memri is reporting on a new program in which Assud the TV Bunny steals some money and is sentenced by a kiddie kourt to have his hand chopped off  (technically, I suppose they should chop off his paw, but the sentiment is the same).  More here.

Ah, the simple innocence of childhood.  What could be next?  How about burying a kitten up to its neck and having the kids stone it to death for rubbing up against a Jew?