Center for Strategic Communication

News & Opinion on Terrorism & Strategic Communication — November 16, 2007

American Image Smeared by Arab Regimes “In an editorial in the Arabic reformist website, editor Omran Salman explains the failure of American public diplomacy efforts and blames the dictatorial Arab regimes of being behind the campaigns to smear America as part of their struggle for survival.” (MEMRI, 11,14).

When Terrorism Is Good. “Asymmetric terrorism is a tactic generally found morally repugnant, but we leaven our normative judgment of it by three more factors: 1) the target, 2) the regime-type, and 3) the ideological goal.” (Robert E. Kelly, Terrorism Analysts, 11/16).

Jammin’ on PD. “Rita J. King, is one of those exploring Second Life for the MacArthur Foundation, and as part of her work she attended Black Watch, a play and discussion about morality and violence, and the Virtual Jazz Festival hosted by the US State Department on Annenberg Island.” (Massively, 11/15).

How to Fix PD: The Public Comments. “the letters are, for the most part, extremely thoughtful—and most of them make the point that American pop culture just isn’t enough.” (Slate, 11/14).