Center for Strategic Communication

Terrorism and Strategic Communication News Roundup — September 6, 2007

An AQ Franchise, Coming to a Location Near You?. The Germany plot “points to the growing trend before toward self-starting individuals who feel they must act on behalf of al Qaeda, without necessarily ever coming into contact with the mother ship of the organization.” (Douglas Farah, 9/5)

EU to Adopt New Anti-Bomb Measures. “Among the recommendations are the setting up of an EU explosives database at Europol, with links to the responsible services in the EU member states, and an early warning system so that these services are informed quickly for example when explosives have been stolen.” (Mathaba News Agency, 9/5)

Riffing on Public Diplomacy. Jazz artists sent abroad as cultural ambassadors. “But some say that American culture delivered to foreign audiences is no substitute for policies acceptable to these same audiences.” (Christian Science Monitor, 9/6)

Swedish Artist Wanted Controversy. “Why should Islam be exempted from the sort of criticism that is commonplace for Judaism and Christianity?” (The Local, 9/5)

Swedish Ambassador Apologizes for Prophet Drawings. “Kipp expressed her respect to Islam and Muslims in general and the Syrian people in particular.” (Kuwait News Agency, 9/5).