Center for Strategic Communication

Terrorism and Strategic Communication News — September 4, 2007

Sharif says Musharraf Hoodwinking West on Terrorism. “Musharraf needs the threat of terror for his own survival. He is doing something in Pakistan and he is telling something else to the outside world.” (Reuters, 9/3).

Denmark Arrests Bomb Plotters. “Denmark’s Security Intelligence Service (PET) said it arrested several people in Copenhagen early on Tuesday who were suspected of planning a bomb attack.” (Reuters, 9/4).

36 Paradigms of Chinese Information Ops. “It may not be necessary to have direct decision power over a country or province if one can manipulate the information it is receiving and as such have it make the decisions one wants it to make through deception or selective information distribution.” (Daemon on Security, 9/3)

How to Advance U.S. Public Diplomacy: Learn About Your Government. “The opportunities for civilized dialogue and debate are enormous. By learning more about their government, Americans will be more knowledgeable about how their local, state, and federal elected officials make policy toward the outside world.” (The Daily Star Lebanon, 9/3)