Center for Strategic Communication

Terrorism and Strategic Communication News — September 3, 2007

Bush Speech Threatens Iran, Allies. “The speech was designed as a threat not just to Iran, but to America’s Western allies, along with Russia and China, who have been slow to support – or who have opposed – UN sanctions against Iran.” (Telegraph, 9/3).

DOJ Defends Ties to Muslim Brotherhood-related Group. “Justice Department officials said Friday they are reaching out as part of a general effort to engage communities.” (Detroit Free Press, 8/31).

Experts Say World Becoming More Dangerous for U.S. “More than 100 of America’s most respected foreign-policy experts see a world that is growing more dangerous, a national security strategy in disrepair, and a war in Iraq that is alarmingly off course.” (Center for American Progress, 8/30).

Anti-American Sentiment Grows. “Large majorities believe the United States is acting in its own interests while ignoring the interests of its allies. Such views reflect widespread opposition to U.S. unilateralism in world affairs.” (Oxford Analytica via Snuffysmith’s Blog, 9/2).

To Defeat Terrorism, Defend Globalization. “The United States should be in the business of applying both its hard- and soft-power assets toward the same end: defending and extending globalization’s spread. Feed ‘stomachs and wallets’ first, and then ‘hearts and minds’ will follow.” (Milford Daily News, 9/2).

Ideas of War Mean Perpetual Conflict. “The ongoing threat of terrorism has become the primary justification for the existence of a strong nation-state.” (Global Guerrillas, 9/2).