Center for Strategic Communication

Items on Strategic Communication from Around the Web — 9/1/2007

Anti-Extremist Blockbuster Film in Pakistan “A Pakistani film that targets the dark elements of religious extremism has been smashing the box-office ever since it was released on July 20, the same day that the Supreme Court of Pakistan restored the chief justice controversially ousted by President Musharraf.” (Times of India, August 31).

Another Terrorist Advantage: Decision Speed “The key question defining this competition is this: Who has the more agile organization? Al-Qaeda, in planning and executing a terrorist attack, or the United States, in planning, developing and executing the measures to stop one?” (The American Interest, Sept-Oct, 2007).

Minnesota Web Site: How to Join AQ “You feel that you want to carry a weapon, fight, and kill the occupiers, and that it is our duty to call for jihad as much as to call for prayer… All that is required is a firm personal decision to fulfill this obligation, and participation in jihad and the resistance” (MEMRI, August 26).

Time to Talk with Hamas “Communication is the most awesome tool we have, far more devastating to extremists than bombs and bullets (though of course we are providing those too).” (Totally Jewish, August 31).

Call for Gender-Segregated Sidewalks in Saudi Arabia “Saudi Arabia’s religious police are insisting that authorities of Medina, one of Islam’s holiest cities, should build separate sidewalks for women.” (RIA Novosti, August 31).