Net gains in Turkey and Iran?

[ by Charles Cameron — when two data points contradict a trend, what’s up? ] . Gotta love the graphic of “Twitter being written into the ancient Persian Cyrus Cylinder in an animation film for Farsi Twitter, highlighting the platforms importance for communications in Iran” (upper panel, below): — and there’s something faintly Escherian about […] Read more »

Of blood and song

[ by Charles Cameron — what carves memory? blood is spilled, song carries grief and anger across centuries ] , One hundred years ago, Irish blood was spilled in the Easter Uprising of 1916, as Sinéad O’Connor & The Chieftains call us to remember in The Foggy Dew: As down the glen one Easter morn […] Read more »

Temple Mount / Noble Sanctuary: an explosive situation

[ by Charles Cameron — “the most contested piece of real-estate on earth” ] . On the one hand: On the other.. End-Time Battle for the Temple Mount As Jews fasted on Tisha B’Av (Av 9) mourning the destruction of the First and Second Temples, hundreds of Jewish visitors made pilgrimage to the Temple site. […] Read more »

The Boston IS and Apocalyptic Conference

[ by Charles Cameron — I was (unexpectedly) almost totally deaf at the time, so the videos of the conference allowed me a second go-around, for which I’m profoundly grateful ] . Richard Landes, opening the Boston conference ** With what I hope will turn out to be the wisdom of a fool, I am […] Read more »

Hipbone update & request for your vote!

[ by Charles Cameron — 3 Quarks Daily, Boston Apocalyptic conference, LapidoMedia, World Religions and Spirituality Project, Bellingcat, Loopcast, Pragati, Sembl ] . First, please vote! . My story, War in Heaven, is in the running for the 3 Quarks Daily Arts & Literature Prize. 3 Quarks Daily is a great aggregator site, I’m honored […] Read more »

A very brief brief on black banners

[ by Charles Cameron — wherein black flag patches run riot ] . Just a quick something I gleaned via Leah Farrall‘s recent blog post: That’s the ist of an excerpt I transcribed from an Aussie Insight video last year, which featured host Jenny Brockie and the gentleman depicted, one Abu Bakr. Bakr was arrested […] Read more »

Sunday surprise: the country western / blues of Hafez

[ by Charles Cameron — at the heart not of the political entity, Iran, but of the Persian culture and people, can be found a king’s ransom in poetry and song ] . The sensual and the spiritual meet, melt, meld, merge, and dare I say it, emerge to suit each reader of the poetry […] Read more »

Bin, Brennan and Baghdadi: how many heads hath a snake?

[ by Charles Cameron -- even after death, snakes can bite you -- plus a quick look at someone Baghdadi may have termed an "effeminate pilot" ] . Major Mariam Al Mansouri, first female UAE's pilot who took part in the strikes against #ISIS — Jean Pierre Duthion (@halona) September 24, 2014 ** For […] Read more »

These are the days of Elijah

[ by Charles Cameron -- a Youtube video of Marines singing a praise song goes viral, some love it, some hate it, what is it? ] . Here’s a Christian “praise song”, These are the days of Elijah, sung by Donnie McClurkin: I love me some good, rousing gospel music. ** Here are the lyrics: […] Read more »

Gaza: the video, Lex’s comment, my response

[ by Charles Cameron -- a powerful video with strong implications for Israel and keen insight into Gaza -- thus far the best I've seen ] . The video: I found this video extremely powerful. Lexington Green pointed us to it via a link in a comment on a recent post of mine, and I [...] Read more »