African Development Surge Could Play into AQIM Narrative

by Nathaniel Greenberg The Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies at the Potomac Institute recently released a report entitled “Terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel in 2012: Global Reach and Implications.” It contains important proposals for addressing some of the humanitarian crises inflicting the region (including in the Western Sahara, which continues to divide our largest allies in the region). But it also recommends moving forward aggressive deregulation and privatization initiatives that could amplify the predominant grievance—and […] Read more »

It’s a Safer, Way More Complicated World Out There

Because there is no simple paradigm guiding world politics, few can define, with any clarity, what our place in it should be. Without that grander vision, strategic consensus and foreign policies are becoming increasingly muddled. Policymakers plan for immediate benefit, and lose sight of long-term strategic objectives. Read more »

Indonesia’s President, Commander of the Crusaders!

By Chris Lundry Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) has been branded a commander of the crusaders following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain will be awarding him the Honorary Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Bath. The award has angered extremist Islamist groups, some of whom are still simmering over the recent arrest of 11 people suspected of terrorism throughout Java and the uncovering of plots to bomb […] Read more »

Abbottabad Revisited

Controversy over the ex-Navy SEAL's book has overshadowed the critical information gained last May from the 17 documents retrieved from the compound in Pakistan on the al-Qaeda organization and bin Laden’s last months as leader. Read more »

Al-Qaeda’s renewed focus to inflict terrorist atrocities on British soil reflects a pervasive weakness in their strategy

Britain, Europe and the US can expect an increase in attempts by al-Qaeda to attack their interests.  However, these efforts should be understood as part of al-Qaeda’s pervasive weakness rather than its strength.  Al-Qaeda’s leaders, particularly in Yemen, know that … Continue reading Read more »

Obama changes rhetoric but the ‘war on terror’ continues to impact civil society

Despite a change in rhetoric, the legislation, practices, policies and structures introduced since 9/11 still inhibit society’s ability to practise democracy The recent leaks of more than 90,000 sensitive documents revealing the extent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan has yet … Continue reading Read more »

Winning Afghan ‘hearts and minds’? Time to leave Afghanistan

‘We try to help them … but it just seems pointless’ one British solider says, referring to the battle for ‘hearts and minds’ in Afghanistan. The biggest problem, says another, is “convincing the locals to help themselves.” Next year marks … Continue reading Read more »