A Tale of Two Places – Dabiq and Rumiyah

[ by Charles Cameron — Rumiyah is a city for sure, Dabiq not so much ] . The Islamic State has a new magazine out, and it’s titled Rumiyah, not Dabiq. Here’s the first inside page of the first issue of Dabiq, together with the cover of the first issue of Rumiyah: And here’s the […] Read more »

Gülen a secret cardinal of the Catholic Church? [UPDATED]

[ by Charles Cameron — a case of Catholic taqiyya? srsly? you jest! ] . This tweet about Fethullah Gülen is just too rich in ironies to relegate to the comment section of my earlier posts, Turkey — keeping an eye out for Gülen and its follow-up, Turkey Tweeted, continued: Pro-Erdogan newspaper claims Gulen is […] Read more »

Rome, Rome, or Rome?

[ by Charles Cameron — on Graeme Wood’s latest, the goals of IS, and geographic slippage ] . Graeme Wood, who wrote the Atlantic piece that broke the apocalyptic side of the Islamic State’s ideology wide open in March of last year, has a related piece out this month: Donald Trump and the Apocalypse, with […] Read more »

Turkey – Russia

Actually, it would be easy for the Russians to keep their two bases on the Mediterranean if that's their bottom line - as it should be. However, it would mean a focus on real ISIS targets while dropping their fealty to Assad (and other dictators) in return for retention of those bases. Moreover, Moscow could offer Assad and family a safe haven somewhere in Russia – complete with a luxurious villa on a coast – and turn its military's attention and fire power to its real enemy - and I don't mean Ukraine. Read more »

Nuclear sites and religion, flags and clouds

[ by Charles Cameron — Oak Ridge, Albi, Bushehr, a Sinan mosque, clouds formation, the Karmapas ] . Cheryl Rofer very kindly suggested a DoubleQuote to me today, comparing and contrasting the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, Oak Ridge: and the Cathedral of Albi — heart of the district in which the Albigensians / Cathars […] Read more »

Paintful humor in wake of Ankara bombing

[ by Charles Cameron — in which 359 turns out to be just a degree closer to zero than 358 is ] . ** For those Zenpundit readers no more fluent in Turkish than I am, Acting Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu‘s interview above was reported by Today’s Zaman: During the interview on Wednesday night Davutoglu […] Read more »

Jihadi, Jedi

[ by Charles Cameron — methinks there’s a disproportion here ] . ** From Hurriyet, yesterday: After recently slamming the warped theology of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Turkey’s top religious body may have another formidable enemy: The Jedi. In an article for the latest edition of the Directorate of Religious […] Read more »

The Situation on Turkey’s Border

Today, the world’s largest recipient of refugees is Turkey, with over 1.5 million. The war in Syria has led to an estimated 9 million people fleeing the country. But Turkey’s borders are not only subject to the pressures of immigration. Hundreds of foreign fighters have crossed the Turkish border into Syria, many going to join […]

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