Destructive Witnesses: JW, IS, Saudis, Brits, Byzantines

[ by Charles Cameron — religions taking other religions apart, stone by stone, image by image, song by song ] . Some recently converted Jehovah’s Witnesses appear to have destroyed the altars of indigenous Otomi people in Mexico, an anthopologist has stated: Assailants have damaged an ancient Otomi Indian religious site in Mexico, toppling stone […] Read more »

Aesthetics of love & death

[ by Charles Cameron — relics of a catacombs martyr, St Valentine and more ] . ** There are times when the DoubleQuote format is confining, and the comparative method it is based on could be uswed effectively with more than two examples. Here consider also: The Tamil Tiger martyr Jenny, as discussed in a […] Read more »

Nuclear sites and religion, flags and clouds

[ by Charles Cameron — Oak Ridge, Albi, Bushehr, a Sinan mosque, clouds formation, the Karmapas ] . Cheryl Rofer very kindly suggested a DoubleQuote to me today, comparing and contrasting the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility, Oak Ridge: and the Cathedral of Albi — heart of the district in which the Albigensians / Cathars […] Read more »

Ferguson: tweets of interest 2

[ by Charles Cameron -- a follow up -- noticeable individual protesters and foreign commentary ] . I began the first part of this double post with a strange confluence of religious and political groups — The Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and Moorish Temple — in Ferguson. I’ll begin this one with an interesting […] Read more »

India’s Nuclear Policy and Regional Stability

On June 16, the Stimson Center hosted two panels on India’s Nuclear Policy and Regional Stability.

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Red Flags over Lhasa

Of course, there’s life in China, the intellectual and creative sort as well as the human sort, but it seems to have retreated underground, where it’s safe from the authorities but inaccessible to short-term visitors unversed in Chinese. As a result, all the new construction in China seemed rather ghoulish to me, like fingernails growing from the digits of a corpse which belongs, not to the Chinese people, but to the all-suffocating party that rules. Read more »

The Bosching of John Hagee and the reddening of the moon

[ by Charles Cameron -- in mental preparation for tonight's lunar eclipse, together with some quick eschatology, plenty of blood, and an Incan jaguar ] . The upper panel, above, shows a detail of Hieronymus Bosch‘s Ghent representation of Christ carrying the Cross to his crucifixion, the focus here being on three of Bosch’s contemporaries [...] Read more »

Jottings 11: self-immolators and suicide bombers?

[ by Charles Cameron -- on some aspects of religiously motivated suicide, and I'm not clear why I called this one a jotting, since it's quite long and detailed ] . . I have been taking a couple of online courses on terrorism in recent months, and in one of them I ran across a [...] Read more »

Judaism, Islam and the death penalty

[ by Charles Cameron -- surprising infrequency of capital punishment, though mandated in Sharia and Torah ] . I’m always struck by formal parallelisms, particularly in matters religious — so when I came across this fascinating reference to the infrequency of capital punishment by stoning in the Ottoman Empire in a book review today (upper [...] Read more »