Syria and drawing the web of tensions

[ by Charles Cameron — with a Magnus Ransdorp squib in its tail ] . The issue is complexity, and how you represent it. The case in point is Syria. Here’s a diagram that suggests complexity as a sort of crazy weaving, all straight lines and colors: This *simple* chart shows all states of hostility […] Read more »

New York Times correction ouroboros

[ by Charles Cameron — irresistible but sad, sad, sad ] . Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party presidential candidate, flubbed a question about Aleppo in an interview: That’s not great. The New York Times then corrected him: Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party presidential nominee, revealed a surprising lack of foreign policy […] Read more »

Random DoubleQuotes for later reference

[ by Charles Cameron — a resource, mostly for myself ] . I’ll use this post to drop in random DoubleQuotes I run across, for storage — so I won’t need to trouble you with every example I find, but they’ll all still here for your consideration should you choose — and for any future […] Read more »

Happiness in the proximity of faith and death

[ by Charles Cameron — the emotional impact of faith, from a nun present at the Normandy attack to a failed suicide bomber in Syria ] . According to this IB Times article, Tragic last words of Catholic priest killed by Isis terrorists revealed, Sister Helene Decaux, one of the nuns who was present at […] Read more »

Destructive Witnesses: JW, IS, Saudis, Brits, Byzantines

[ by Charles Cameron — religions taking other religions apart, stone by stone, image by image, song by song ] . Some recently converted Jehovah’s Witnesses appear to have destroyed the altars of indigenous Otomi people in Mexico, an anthopologist has stated: Assailants have damaged an ancient Otomi Indian religious site in Mexico, toppling stone […] Read more »

How Syria becomes Palestine

[ by Charles Cameron — on borrowing the atrocities of others for propaganda advantage ] . So @ICC4IDF uses a photo from Syria, bottom right, 2 illustrate his point @QueenWillRock @adamlambert. Enjoy Israel — Ben Af Rothenberg (@RisingRedStorm) June 15, 2016 and: @wake_theFup um that's #Syria. @Google image search it. @tabloidnewsxtra @stateofisrael — […] Read more »

Guest Post: Why the United States cannot put Boots on the Ground to Fight ISIS

[Mark Safranski / “zen“] Today, I’m pleased to offer a guest post by LtCol. Bob Weimann, USMC (ret.) .  Weimann is the former Commanding Officer, Kilo Co., 3/1 and Weapons Company 3/1. He also served as a Marine Security Force Company commanding officer, an infantry battalion Operations Officer and the Executive Officer of 1/6 during Desert Storm. […] Read more »

Has al-Maqdisi Softened on the Islamic State?

Two months ago, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, the leading Jihadi-Salafi scholar known for his fierce opposition to the Islamic State and support for al-Qaida, released an essay that was widely interpreted as a softening of his position toward the Islamic State. As Hassan Hassan recently pointed out, al-Maqdisi has made other pronouncements of late that would […] Read more »

Russia and Syria: What pull-out?

know it may be hard to believe after reading multiple media reports about Putin’s latest “surprise pull out from Syria” but the Kremlin did not, repeat, not, really pull its military out of Syria last week. So what were Putin's motives? Read more »

On the horrors of apocalyptic warfare, 2: to spark a messianic fire

[ by Charles Cameron — it’s what we won’t notice that can blindside us ] . al-Malhamah al-Kubra, the great end-times battle ** To recapitulate: in my previous post I suggested that “apocalyptic, end-of-days” movements are qualitatively different by virtue of the immediacy of their divine / transcendant mandate. Richard Landes sums the matter up […] Read more »