Random DoubleQuotes for later reference

[ by Charles Cameron — a resource, mostly for myself ] . I’ll use this post to drop in random DoubleQuotes I run across, for storage — so I won’t need to trouble you with every example I find, but they’ll all still here for your consideration should you choose — and for any future […] Read more »

On analogical mountains — & pitons that portend enlightenment

[ by Charles Cameron — carrying French mountaineering coals to a mountaineering Frenchman ] . As imagination can reach farther than spacecraft, so analogical mountains are at a higher elevation — indeed, a higher octave — than physical ones: René Daumal‘s brilliant novel Mount Analogue was uncompleted, and fittingly so, at his death — the […] Read more »

Vigilantism: Football Hooligans against Salafists and more

[ by Charles Cameron -- skip straight to the last three sections if you want the meat without the fruit & nuts ] . I didn’t know that football hooligans were against salafists when I put together this DoubleQuote in a free moment yesterday — I just remembered the guns with Bible verses on them […] Read more »

Diplomacy the movie, Nazrallah on Daesh, diplomacy as sport

[ by Charles Cameron -- these caught my eye recently on the Aussie Lowy Interpreter site -- an upcoming movie, Nasrallah on IS / Daesh, and Rugby diplomacy, NZ-style ] . This looks to be a film that may be of interest to ZP readers: Perhaps Zen and others can comment on the historical vs […] Read more »

An unprecedented, unkind, under-the-radar cut

[ by Charles Cameron -- an argument on behalf of the Fulbrights from the words of Muhammad Ali ] . Muhammad Ali famously described his strategy versus Sonny Liston thus: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see. I’m not sure if it’s been noted that [...] Read more »

Serpent logic and related

[ by Charles Cameron -- where paradox begets form in phrasing, redux ] . Here for your entertainment and entrainment are some further instances where the tweet doubles back on itself, bites its tail, or otherwise embodies some form of “form” that’s noteworthy in its own right, and possibly indicative of the heart of a [...] Read more »

AQ branding, ISIS cool for school

[ by Charles Cameron -- AQ & Friends have adopted another of our technologies against us -- this time it's branding -- what's next -- gamification? ] . Aymenn J Al-Tamimi tweeted to alert us to the ISIS school bag today, with the comment: Yes, folks, it’s real: Islamic State of Iraq & ash-Sham school [...] Read more »

Mostly it’s religion, now and then it’s sports

[ by Charles Cameron -- beheadings and the questions they raise ] . ** Tim Furnish, friend of this blog, had a piece titled Beheading in the Name of Islam in the Middle East Quarterly back in 2005, in which he wrote: The February 2002 decapitation of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, true to [...] Read more »

Of dualities, contradictions and the nonduality

[ by Charles Cameron -- on the basis, the mathematics, the essence of conflict and resolution ] . . This DoubleQuote features two great masters on duality and the coincidentia oppositorum: the upper quote is Yogi Berra at his best, a koan worthy of a discourse by John Daido Loori, Roshi, while the lower image [...] Read more »