Sunday surprise the second — the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

[ by Charles Cameron — wishing you all blessings on the Fourth ] . My eye was caught today by yet another disaster — which in turn reminded me of tomorrow, the Fourth of July. It’s just one example among many: Flood hits mosque in Pakistan, dozens feared dead — Mike Walker (@New_Narrative) July […] Read more »

Towards the urgent development of the artificial kidney

[ by Charles Cameron — setting aside my personal interest, there’s a humanitarian / religious angle here ] , The atrocities described in the lower panel add urgency to the medical development described in the upper panel: Sources: Kurzweil AI, Wearable artificial kidney prototype successfully tested Daily Mail, China is forcing up to 90,000 prisoners […] Read more »

Yesterday’s learnings in science and religion

[ by Charles Cameron — theo-ecology, with a side of spaghetti ] . First, a Nobel laureate makes a distinction that should be of interest to all who study war — as also to those who “ain’t gonna study war no more”. Lucy Hughes-Hallett begins a New Statesman book review titled Chernobyl and the ghosts […] Read more »

Pope Francis : Francis Bacon

[ by Charles Cameron — and a tradition of natural philosophy profound enough to include Francis of Assisi ] . It’s a small point, perhaps, but M. Anthony Mills had a piece in The New Atlantis last Fall titled Is Pope Francis Anti-Modern? — which I ran across today because today 3 Quarks Daily posted […] Read more »

Nemesis is teh “unanticipated consequence” of hubris

[ by Charles Cameron — a veritable rule of thumb ] , ** Let me steer clear of both foreign policy and presidential candidates, and simply quote Cheryl Rofer from her recent twitter fusillade re Neil deGrasse Tyson: One of the things science can teach its practitioners is humility. Respect for others who know something […] Read more »

Is Poetry plus Science a zero sum game?

[ by Charles Cameron — for Adam Elkus ] . A case study in the heliotrope: Do we gain as much in science as we lose in poetry, when we switch explanatory frameworks? F Scott Fitzgerald: The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same […] Read more »

Red mercury as scam and symbol

[ by Charles Cameron — CJ Chivers, nuclear nonsense, faux chemistry, and the alchemical imagination, with hat-tip to Cheryl Rofer ] . CJ Chivers, conflict journalist extraordinaire and author of a book about the Kalashnikov assault rifle, The Gun, today posted a remarkable account of what he terms The Doomsday Scam, with the subtitle “For […] Read more »

Simply so much.. 02

[ by Charles Cameron – omnium gatherum — USMC predicting 2045 — is 2031 The End? — Saudis. friend or foe? ] . Splitting hairs, atoms, black swans? I’m thinking of Lise Meitner as I view the Marine Corps’ ambitiously titled Security Environment Forecast 2030-2045. Who would have thought in 1919 that Hahn, Meitner and […] Read more »

Simply so much.. 01

[ by Charles Cameron — an experiment in blogging — morality transcending laws, the pope, battleships, jellyfish, & Catholic politicians ] . There’s simply so much going on that I need to try a few way of sifting and posting my daily catch. So here’s my experiment. Each day I’ll open a Simply so much […] Read more »

When one life sprouts inside another

[ by Charles Cameron — some ugly comparisons, you have been warned — but it is only the exaggerated ugliness that drives my point home ] . The first DoubleQuote of three I’m posting here shows two views of sacred sites taken over by conquering religions. You may have seen this DoubleQuote before — the […] Read more »