Heat and Hajj 2076

[ by Charles Cameron — one black swan that’s almost predictable — where two timelines meet ] . God in His wisdom has decreed that all right thinking humans should circumambulate the Kaaba in Mecca if at all possible during their human lifetimes, so proclaims Islamic orthodoxy. A Guardian piece titled Extreme heatwaves could push […] Read more »

On the horrors of apocalyptic warfare, 1: its sheer intensity

[ by Charles Cameron — first in a series of four posts on the central theme of a proposed book ] . In a previous post, I introduced my work on a book proposal concerning Coronation: The Magic and Romance of Monarchy. The second book proposal I’ve put together, which is also currently in the […] Read more »

On the horrors of apocalyptic warfare, 2: to spark a messianic fire

[ by Charles Cameron — it’s what we won’t notice that can blindside us ] . al-Malhamah al-Kubra, the great end-times battle ** To recapitulate: in my previous post I suggested that “apocalyptic, end-of-days” movements are qualitatively different by virtue of the immediacy of their divine / transcendant mandate. Richard Landes sums the matter up […] Read more »

Easily the best

[ by Charles Cameron — for sheer quality, informed conversation between bright people on topics of interest is hard to beat ] . Daveed Gartenstein-Ross: My deepest thanks to @chq and @husainhaqqani for a wonderful morning — easily the best experience I have ever had as a speaker. — Gartenstein-Ross (@DaveedGR) August 17, 2015 Chautauqua […] Read more »

When win-win games get gamed

[ by Charles Cameron — a paradox I’m currently chewing on, courtesy of Richard Landes] . I want to take something that Richard Landes has been saying, abstract it from those conflicts to which Richard applies it, simplify it by removing one technical term that’s part of his detailed breakdown, and present it in as […] Read more »

The Boston IS and Apocalyptic Conference

[ by Charles Cameron — I was (unexpectedly) almost totally deaf at the time, so the videos of the conference allowed me a second go-around, for which I’m profoundly grateful ] . Richard Landes, opening the Boston conference ** With what I hope will turn out to be the wisdom of a fool, I am […] Read more »

A dozen or more books on NRMS, apocalyptic, and violence

[ by Charles Cameron — biblio post #2 in preparation for the Boston conference – background on new religious movements and violence ] . Assuming I’m right that Islamic eschatology is now swinging into focus, and since my interest in the topic was sparked by David Cook at a 1997 Millennial Studies conference, I first […] Read more »

A dozen or so books on Islamic apocalyptic

[ by Charles Cameron — since this topic is at last swinging into focus ] . It is my impression that Islamic apocalyptic has finally surfaced as a significant contributor to those interested in questions of contemporary national security — first, through CJC Martin Dempsey‘s 2014 comment that IS has “an apocalyptic, end-of-days strategic vision”, […] Read more »

So: how does it feel at World’s End?

[ by Charles Cameron — on conveying the experience of the eschatological — on the way to better understanding the allure of IS ] . ** WE ARE ENTERING PHASE TWO: I think we’re entering Phase Two of our conversations about Islamist eschatology. In Phase One, the task was to point out that apocalyptic scriptures […] Read more »