Binocular vision on the Trump phenom

[ by Charles Cameron — why the support, why the avoidance ] . I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose these two quotes about Donald Trump. One comes from my friend Timothy Burke of Swarthmore and the Easily Distracted blog (upper panel, below) — Tim describes himself as holding generally left or progressive views, […] Read more »

The Military Is Only Part of the Story

I am not running down the military. What I am saying is that military men (and women) are specialists, highly trained for one important purpose: to wage war when all else has failed, to be prepared to do so should that happen and to do so only when in possession of orders from the civilian leaders whom U.S. citizens have elected. Naturally, they must be accorded warm public appreciation when the job is well done. Those who have died must be buried with full honors. Those who are wounded or otherwise harmed must receive first rate rehabilitation administered in a timely, ungrudging fashion. While in uniform, service men and women should be protected from loan sharks, and when they need help in transitioning back into civilian society they should not be shunted into for-profit diploma mills that prepare them for nothing at tax payers’ expense. Perhaps a truly thankful bipartisan Congress could do something about ending such entrepreneurial exploitation. Read more »

Two-sided nuke-rattling against the ISIS third?

[ by Charles Cameron — trying to catch up with posts here when working on book proposals ] . Consider these two statements made in recent days: How does a war game — or game theory, for that matter — deal with the differenes, similarities, or continuum between threats and exercises on the one hand, […] Read more »

Reminders, and other signs

[ by Charles Cameron — the camps, theirs and ours, and nuking Mecca, with a pinch of Lynch ] . Here are the reminders.. ** These DoubleQuotes arose in the context of comments by Georgetown Syria specialist Marc Lynch, better known on the web as the blogger Abu Aardvark, on a recent On the Media […] Read more »

Elite Failure and Populist Trump It

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“] GOP Front Runner, Donald J. Trump A friend sent an essay by the prolific IR scholar, Professor Angelo Codevilla that had been posted at Powerline Blog.  It was good. For the unfamiliar, Codevilla often writes on national security and intelligence matters and some readers may be familiar with his (with Paul Seabury) […] Read more »

On sneers, smears, and mutual sniping

[ by Charles Cameron — not exactly an enthusiast of negative campaigning ] . I’ve been having a series of conversations with my friend Tom Merino recently, and a couple of days ago he suggested two quotes to me for comparison: I’ve formatted them in my usual DoubleQuotes style, but my friend calls the pairing […] Read more »

It sure Ain’t: Elkus on Why Congress Isn’t Good at Foreign Policy

[by Mark Safranski, a.k.a. “zen“] Adam Elkus had a nice post on the sound and fury over the open letter by 47 Republican senators to the government of Iran, asserting Congressional prerogatives regarding contractual relations with in foreign powers: “Congress Isn’t Good At Foreign Policy.” In the midst of the ongoing fracas over GOP congressional […] Read more »

Chernobyl and that Idaho Republican gubernatorial debate

[ by Charles Cameron -- with an extended riff on the apocalyptic significance of Chernobyl, as mentioned by the Idaho curmudgeon, Walt Bayes ] . This may be the most remarkable piece of political theater I have ever seen It’s the debate between four Republican candidates for Governor of Idaho — “a cowboy, a curmudgeon, [...] Read more »

Serpent logics: the marathon

[ by Charles Cameron -- oh, the sheer delightful drudgery of finding patterns everywhere ] . I’ll start this post, as I did the previous one to which this is a sort of appendix, with a (deeply strange, tell me about it) example of the… Matrioshka pattern: Truly weird Matrioshka Barbie image — hipbonegamer [...] Read more »