The “refugee” koan

[ by Charles Cameron — considering both sides, while tilting one way or the other ] . I call it a koan because you can flip it — there are two sides to it, and very possibly a serrated edge that it can balance on, foiling your best efforts to come up with a yes-no […] Read more »

Simply so much.. 01

[ by Charles Cameron — an experiment in blogging — morality transcending laws, the pope, battleships, jellyfish, & Catholic politicians ] . There’s simply so much going on that I need to try a few way of sifting and posting my daily catch. So here’s my experiment. Each day I’ll open a Simply so much […] Read more »

Christianity, culture, compassion, camels — and their shadows too

[ by Charles Cameron — by way of TS Eliot, Mario Vargas Llosa and others, and leading to a post on camels and their shadows ] . ** In the year I was born, 1943, TS Eliot published a series of essays titled Notes Toward the Definition of Culture in the New English Weekly. Mario […] Read more »

Syria’s Future Crisis: A Lost Generation

This past weekend, intense fighting between Daesh and Syrian-Kurds in areas of Northern Syria forced more than 23,000 Syrians to cross into Turkey, adding to the 1.7 million registered Syrian refugees already living in the country. Since the onset of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011, nearly 4 million Syrians have fled the country […]

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What We Are Reading

  Key Reads   The Global Struggle to Respond to the Worst Refugee Crisis in Generations Patrick Boehler and Sergio Pecanha / New York Times Eleven million people were uprooted by violence last year, most propelled by conflict in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Conflict and extreme poverty have also pushed tens of thousands out […]

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5 MENA News Stories You May Have Missed Over the Holidays

Habib Essid Nominated as Tunisia’s Prime Minister   On Jan. 5, former Interior Minister Habib Essid was nominated as Prime Minister by Tunisia’s newly elected parliament. Essid is no stranger in the Congressional palace, as he held a variety of positions in autocrat Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s government before being appointed Minister of the Interior […]

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Children of the Greek Civil War: Book Review Essay

Loring Danforth and Riki Van Boeschoten’s controversial study of the long term effects of that war on children of both the Greek partisans and government loyalists who had been taken from their families and placed in boarding schools for safety away from the war zones is, unfortunately, far more than a carefully conducted academically rigorous objective survey of participant attitudes and recollections. Read more »