Brief brief: from cost-benefit to apocalypse

[ by Charles Cameron — a bullet train of thought re Daesh from the New Yorker ] . ** George Packer, in Why ISIS Murdered Kenji Goto a couple of days ago, connects a longer distance between ideas faster than the bullet train from Beijing to Guangzhou… The Islamic State doesn’t behave according to recognizable […] Read more »

Jihad for Dummies

[ by Charles Cameron -- as Karl Sharro notes, the Guardian piece "says it all" ] . British jihadis bought 'Islam for Dummies' and 'Koran for dummies' before heading off to Syria. Says it all: — Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) July 9, 2014 The Guardian article linked in that tweet contains the following para: Their [...] Read more »

The ‘Who’s Who’ of the Most Important Jihadi Accounts on Twitter?

In this part of our series for Jihadica on the Jihadi Twitter phenomenon, Ali Fisher and Nico Prucha take a closer look at 66 Twitter accounts recommended by a Jihadi online forum user. To be clear, we are analyzing these accounts that are defined in this posting as most important for jihadi sympathizers, but it [...] Read more »

Jihadi Twitter Activism part 2: Jabhat al-Nusra on the Twittersphere

For the second installment of our Jihadi Twitter Activism series Ali Fisher and Nico Prucha explore data collected from Twitter related to the Syrian AQ branch Jabhat al-Nusra. This post identifies key ‘influence multipliers’ for Jabhat al-Nusra’s strategic communication and an overview of the content that these multipliers disseminate via Twitter. To analyze jihadi social [...] Read more »

Recruitment, poetry and tears

[ by Charles Cameron -- Hegghammer on testing and trusting as precursors to AQ recuitment ] . I’ve been having trouble finding any of the anasheed Ibn Siqilli was posting on his site, many of which have been taken down — but this one, found in a comment of his on Leah Farrall‘s site, has [...] Read more »