Ferguson: tweets of interest 2

[ by Charles Cameron -- a follow up -- noticeable individual protesters and foreign commentary ] . I began the first part of this double post with a strange confluence of religious and political groups — The Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and Moorish Temple — in Ferguson. I’ll begin this one with an interesting […] Read more »

DoubleQuotes in Foreign Policy: Ferguson and the world

[ by Charles Cameron -- the militarization of law enforcement in the US and around the globe ] . This double image is taken from a Foreign Policy slideshow published yesterday titled The Ferguson Spring and subtitled “Can you tell the difference between the Missouri town where Michael Brown was killed and some of the [...] Read more »

Michael Yon discussing “possibly one of the largest peaceful uprisings in history”

[ by Charles Cameron -- catching up on Thailand ] . Michael Yon calls it “possibly the largest or one of the largest peaceful uprisings in history”. As Zenpundit readers know, it’s the religious side of things I am most interested in, but “peaceful uprisings” also catches my attention. The peaceful uprising in question is [...] Read more »

US Foreign Policy, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Obama administration, though they would not characterize it as such nor have much desire to acknowledge it at all, have attempted  a strategic detente with the “moderate” elements of political Islam. This policy has not been entirely consistent; Syria, for example, is a quagmire the administration has wisely refrained from wading directly into despite [...] Read more »

The Controversial CTC Report

The Center for Combating Terrorism at West Point released a report on domestic terrorism that raised hackles for a number of reasons. Despite the dismissals of liberal political pundits, the reasons for objections to the CTC report are legitimate but they did not need to arise in the first place and might have been avoided with a [...] Read more »

“Sustaining” your Way to Serfdom as a Grand Strategy

Friend of the blog, commenter L.C. Rees, likes to point out that one of the most important part of a grand strategy, particularly one that is maintained despite evidence of being a geopolitical failure, are the domestic political effects that work to the advantage of the faction supporting it.  In my view, grand strategy usually [...] Read more »

The Future of the US-Moroccan Alliance

Morocco, the United States’ oldest ally, was not immune to the fervor that swept the Islamic world last week. Protests broke out in front of the US consulate in Casablanca over the film The Innocence of Muslims, which ignited popular uproar in almost every country in the region. While these protests were highly organized and largely peaceful, they indicate a deepening resentment toward the US just as the two countries begin negotiating a closer partnership. Read more »

Of films, riots and hatred III: Scorsese and Verhoeven

[ by Charles Cameron -- The Last Temptation of Christ troubles, an early warning re the upcoming Jesus of Nazareth movie -- the blood libel and more ] . American and European Christians, too, can react violently to films they perceive as blasphemous, and this too we should remember as we weigh our own responses [...] Read more »

Pussy Riot V: Kasparov

[ by Charles Cameron -- the Garry Kasparov arrest ] . It isn’t chess. It isn’t, as we’d say in England, cricket. It besmirches the good name athletes like Arsen Galstyan brought Russia in the London Olympics. It is Garry Kasparov, arrested for protesting the trial of Pussy Riot. . In yestrdays Wall Street Journal, [...] Read more »