Gülen a secret cardinal of the Catholic Church? [UPDATED]

[ by Charles Cameron — a case of Catholic taqiyya? srsly? you jest! ] . This tweet about Fethullah Gülen is just too rich in ironies to relegate to the comment section of my earlier posts, Turkey — keeping an eye out for Gülen and its follow-up, Turkey Tweeted, continued: Pro-Erdogan newspaper claims Gulen is […] Read more »

Of martyrdom and forgiveness

[ by Charles Cameron — of martyrdom according to ISIS and the church, & of forgiveness in response to hate — continuing from Of sacrifice and martyrdom ] . ** My Lapido piece closed with these words: That is, in part, why Pope Francis in his official comment on the event said he was “particularly […] Read more »

Rome, Rome, or Rome?

[ by Charles Cameron — on Graeme Wood’s latest, the goals of IS, and geographic slippage ] . Graeme Wood, who wrote the Atlantic piece that broke the apocalyptic side of the Islamic State’s ideology wide open in March of last year, has a related piece out this month: Donald Trump and the Apocalypse, with […] Read more »

The man who could help prevent a holy war

[ Charles Cameron — Garry Wills sees “holy war” lurking just around the corner ] . Pro-Russia fighters near the eastern Ukrainian city of Starobeshevo in Donetsk region, on 25 February. Photograph: Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images ** Let’s be clear. the image above is from the confrontation in Ukraine, whereas the holy war that Garry Wills […] Read more »

John Schindler 3: his latest

[ by Charles Cameron — third of three, almost caught up ] . Schindler a few days back: I'll say it again: Kremlin's positioning itself as pro-Christianity & pro-Islam against the militant atheists & Islamists is potent stuff. — John Schindler (@20committee) January 19, 2015 Schindler’s latest: While you weren't looking, Putin positioned himself as […] Read more »

Of border crossings, and the pilgrimage to Arbaeen in Karbala

[ by Charles Cameron — as one headline put it, 20 Million Shia Muslims Brave Isis by Making Pilgrimage to Karbala ] . You may remember IS / Daesh bulldozing the berm separating Syria and Iraq (upper image, below) not so long ago: Putting that into perspective is this image from the border between Iran […] Read more »

New Osama tapes: Reports of his death may be exaggeration

by Matthew B. Morris Al Jazeera broadcast another message from Osama bin Laden today. If confirmed as authentic, this is the second message from bin Laden in the last two days. Although the translation is not yet available, the message is another call on Muslims to support Palestinians by fighting in Iraq, and apparently makes references to more recent events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The previous message, which can be accessed here, has been confirmed […] Read more »