Tweet and response: polling religious interest globally?

[ by Charles Cameron — Pew — Iran? Saudis? ] . Here’s the tweet: How strongly do different nationalities feel about #religion? @StatistaCharts — World Economic Forum (@wef) April 30, 2016 It looks impressive, doesn’t it? The good folks at Pew have obvisouly done their homework. And here’s the response: Where are Saudi […] Read more »

On the horrors of apocalyptic warfare, 2: to spark a messianic fire

[ by Charles Cameron — it’s what we won’t notice that can blindside us ] . al-Malhamah al-Kubra, the great end-times battle ** To recapitulate: in my previous post I suggested that “apocalyptic, end-of-days” movements are qualitatively different by virtue of the immediacy of their divine / transcendant mandate. Richard Landes sums the matter up […] Read more »

Furnish on Pew findings re: Islam

[ Charles Cameron presenting guest-blogger Timothy Furnish ] . . I’m delighted to welcome Dr Timothy Furnish as a guest-blogger here on Zenpundit. Dr Furnish has served as an Arabic linguist with the 101st Airborne and as an Army chaplain, holds a PhD in Islamic history from Ohio State, is the author of Holiest Wars: [...] Read more »